Gulimutz stories

Following stories are available:

- Making a Fire in the Forest (2. edition)

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, Gulimutz decided to go to the forest. He said to himself ‘Today I’d like to go for a walk through the forest and I would like to make a fire for cooking a sausage as I heard that this is a cool thing to do and the sausage should taste good.
So he took his old backpack out of his cave cellar, cleaned it up and packed in sausage, bread and cold tea to start his afternoon trip.

In the forest he met a deer and a fox. Both gave him a lot of tips on how to build a fireplace and make a fire, and especially to be careful and to take care of ...

-Gulimutz, Flüdendät and Flüidendättli (new available!)

Gulimutz was sitting, as so often, on the ground outside his cave. Beside him, he had some berries, nuts and a cup of tea made from herbs. All of a sudden, he heard a buzzing sound, but couldn’t see what it was. Again he heard this buzzing noise and now he saw a beautiful tree top fairy ritght in front of him. A short time later, a second fairy appeared in front of him. So there were two. Gulimutz offered them some of the berries and nuts, and the tree top fairies explained to him, who they were. Flüddendät and Flüidendättli, both with wonderful sparkling glittering wings.....


These stories are in planning:

-Gulimutz´ Seat

Gulimutz was standing in his small kitchen, making tea from fresh herbs. He carefully took a spoon full of honey from the honey jar to make his tea taste a bit sweeter. He then went to his favourite spot outside his cave and sat down on the ground. It was a wonderful summer day. It is very uncomfortable here on the ground‘ Gulimutz thought I need at least something to sit on‘ and he started to think about how he can make his favourite place more comfortable. So after finishing this tea, he started with the work …..


-Gulimutz meets Wawurzel