How the Gulimutz stories were created

Gulimutz is a fantasy character, actually a name only. Also all the other characters which are part of some stories were created in my fantasy and have imaginary names.


How did I reach the idea of this book? One idea for example I got from the story of a hippie ghost, which had to learn how to cross the road to go to the ghost school. Another idea came from a documentary film about donkey heardsmen in Egypt, after vetenarians made a pupped theatre to show the heardsmen how to take care of the donkies, because these people could not read.

So one evening I told my daughter the first good night story of Gulimutz, and many other stories were created after that. Sometimes they were just adventures, sometimes my kids provided me with ideas, simply by their behaviour during the day, whether they be good or troublesome.
I believe that every parent and adult can make up stories of and about Gulimutz, from own ideas whether they are invented or reflect daily life. If you lack of ideas, you find plenty of Gulimutz ideas in the book.
While having fun with the Gulimutz character, you can educate your children in a simple, easy, playful way. Enjoy!
Georg Wetter