Why a Book
At some time I started to write down the good night stories of and about Gulimutz to preserve them for a later moment in my children’s life.
Sometime my employer, TNT Swiss Post AG (part of the global acting company called TPG, based in the Netherlands) set up the project ‘Moving the World’ in cooperation with the United Nations’ sub-organisation World Food Program (WFP) to help children in the world’s poorest countries. One of the five targets of the program is to collect money. The United Nations need CHF 5.00 only to send a child to school and provide the minimum of one meal a day for an entire month.
I put one and one together: I realised my first book, which is so far mainly sold within TNT (Switzerland, Germany and Austria) and to friends and family. Of each book that is sold I contribute CHF 5.00 to the ‘Moving the World’ project.

Every child in the world has a right for food and education. By selling my books I help these children to get a chance for a better future.
I hope that a lot of people are going to buy my books so we can help providing more children with the financial support they need.

Georg Wetter
*TNT Swiss Post AG as part of the company TPG in the Nederlands