Who is Georg Wetter

I was born on March 19, 1960 under the star sign of pisces. Shortly after my birth, the whole big family Wetter moved to a small town called Zofingen, where I went to kindergarden and primary school. Back then, my first teacher called me a dreamer, and until today I never forgot how to dream.

Because of another move of the family, I visited high school in Oftringen. When I left school, I started apprenticeship as a textil dyer. For the period of those three years I went to vocational school in Zürich.

Other realocations guided me back into the region of the old paving-stones of Zofngen with this gorgeous old town. During many years I was very active in the carnival scene and also as a leading member of a traditional carnival band called Göpfschränzer. Within those 18 years, while playing the bass drums as well as the tripple-drums, I experienced real highlights of joy.

Not only did rhythm engrosse my life, but also a great desire and ambition to travel and get to know other countries. During several months I travelled the northern part of South America and later a trip around the world followed. A lot of countries I visited during the holidays impressed me, but Ireland left the deepest marks. Rainbow Island, with all its mystic corners, fairy stories and myths and the most beautiful music, that wonderful irish folk music, which moves the heart as well as the feet.

On the 6th of the 9th in 96 I married my longtime partner Isabelle. Together, we travelled many countries again and started the most beautiful and adventerous journey of life together. First we built a house, then we planted trees and bushes. We built a ‚nest‘ for a family.

On January 29, 1999 our daughter Julia Scota Shannon was born and henceforth I was a daddy.
On October 12, 2000 our son Niclas Seán Phadraigh saw the the light of day. Our kids are a spring of inspiration and I relish every minute with them.

I hope we all have a peaceful future and I am merry as a lark for the future years.

Georg Wetter