Who helped with the Realisation

Right from the start I was well aware of not being able to realise this dream on my own, but I also knew that I want to include friends in the realisation.

As a picture-book has to have nice pictures, I asked Monika Bögli, a long-year friend with a divinely gifted creativity, whether she would illustrate my stories. To my great delight she sayed yes.

The wording of the texts had to be reviewed. Due to her education and work, Esther Rey, employee of TNT Swiss Post AG, was made for this part and I am very thankful for her numerous tips.

The books from, with and about Gulimutz are printed by Druckerei Stämpfli AG in Bern, a competent and professional partner.

Nowadays it is essential of course, that Gulimutz also has a virtuel ‚cave‘. For this important matter, Manfred Mathys, also an old friend of mine, successfully looks after the web-site. Thank you!