Gulimutz and his Friends


Gulimutz click for picture

A fantasy character that is quiet, cuddly, friendly, funny, analysing, explanatory, helpful and a good friend. Gulimutz lives in a cave inside the forest with views to river, fields and woods.
I think everybody has got its own picture of Gulimutz and therefore there are thousands of different Gulimutz around. In the eyes of each child, another Gulimutz is alive.
Wawurzel click for picture
Wawurzel is a root-fairy that got its name from the environment. Wawurzel lives at the bottom of a tree under a big overgrown root which is next to the river under the shade of trees. Wawurzel’s appearance is a bit rugged but she/he is extremly friendly, lovely, orderly and helpful.

Is also a root-fairy and a relative of Wawurzel, but she/he is a bit more of a wanderer, out and about, a bit scruffy and egoistic.

Flüdendät click for picture
Is a tree-top-fairy that buzzes around, living in trees.
Flüddendät is already a bit older and is a wise creature. Buzzy tree-top-fairies are born with each dream of a child.
Flüidendättli click for picture

Is also a tree-top-fairy but a young one. Flüidendättli is eager to learn everything, is very curious and always checking out everything, is a bit clumsy and unexperienced.



There are leave Gnüfe-Nägs that live in trees and grass Gnüfe-Nägs that live on the ground. Because they are absolutely ugly and shy, they hide and are very hard to find and recognise.

Are water-fairies which look after the water. They are very beautiful as they are transparent and clear like the water. But if they let you see them, they are sparkling and glittery.